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CleanPlan is the digital platform that allows you to manage your daily operations, digitize your cleaning contracts and stay in control of your workforce whether you’re onsite, or not.

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Systemize your cleaning

Manage your cleaning teams and drive employee engagement from anywhere, at any time with CleanPlan.

Clear communication

Handing staff members hand-written lists is a one-way ticket to misunderstandings, miscommunications and missed opportunities to do better at all levels. CleanPlan allows you to clearly communicate tasks that need to be handled, as well as allowing your team to fully understand the scope of their work.

Location based tracking

Offer peace of mind to your clients by enabling location based tracking. This allows you and your clients to know exactly where and when a task has been completed, so you can focus on the parts of your business that need your attention the most.

Digitize processes

CleanPlan allows you to fulfill all the tasks on your to-do list without having to even leave your office. In a world where working from anywhere is becoming necessary, be prepared with CleanPlan.

Quality control

It’s impossible to supervise every employee at every level, every day. CleanPlan allows you to make Quality Control an effortless part of ticking off your daily tasks by giving you the option to generate a real-time rating of completed tasks, backed by proof of work.

Real-time data

CleanPlan compiles and analyses data for you so you can see exactly where your company is excelling, and where you could be doing better. We’ll help you to pinpoint problem areas, and improve by continuously storing operational data for you.

Organised record keeping

Tracking who’s done what, where and when is a nightmare when you’re running a company. Ensure seamless record-keeping with CleanPlan, the app on a mission to simplify your workflow and processes, enabling e-signatures to authenticate inspections.



Chat directly with team members on the ground to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Allocate jobs by availability to eliminate time-consuming, administrative tasks.

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Easy Access

Accessible on all
platforms, at all

Our cloud-based technology is available on iOS and Android devices. Whether you’re in meetings all day or simply away from the office, ensure that your business is running as smoothly as possible from anywhere, and at any time.

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Create and allocate tasks to your team members in just a few clicks. Ensure that tasks are completed to the highest level, thanks to our media and e-signature based authentication system.

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Track and measure real-time data to make sure you’re running your business as efficiently as possible. Find out where you’re excelling and where you need to improve to continue to deliver to your clients.

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Stakeholder management

Clear Scope of
& Information

Streamline information exchange between key stakeholders: management, cleaning teams, and your clients.

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  • Offices

  • Institutions

  • Community

  • Malls

  • Hotels

  • Restaurants

  • Residential

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“Easy user friendly and efficient on all levels from operational management to cleaning team members. The platform is brilliant and tailored for the cleaning industry and exceptional with customer service experience and overall productivity.”

“We have been using CleanPlan for over two years now, and it has become an important part of the business. The platform saves us time that was wasted on follow-up calls and paper-based processes. It is simple to use and helps provide us with real-time insights of our operations. ”

“The platform requires little training, and the resources provided are good to help onboard the team. CleanPlan does what it is meant to do; it helps us manage our workflow and ensure quality control. Being able to send reports to customers and staff members at the same time is a time saver. ”

“We use CleanPlan daily to check on sites, inspections and messages. It’s good to have for your business as you can main stream it all and good for the money as you get help all the way. ”

“CleanPlan helps us monitor our workforce remotely and share data with our clients efficiently. It is easy to use and adds value. ”

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