Business Automation Promotes Quality
Control and Transparency.


Organisations strive to consistently improve their services, quality control in business processes is the key to operational efficiency regardless of the industry. Many organisations rely on standard processes which lead to miscommunication and disrupt the transfer of information from the management or the clients to the team. Business process gaps lead to a drop in quality control as it is essential to pass information in a transparent and seamless way from job quotation to completion. Often times it is not that there is a lack of quality but a lack of control in business processes that lead to inefficiencies in service.

Cleaning organisations of all sizes face an issue in quality control and transparency due to the lack of software solutions designed to address the needs of the industry. The industry relies on manual labour and physical tasks, workflow automation and comprehensive data capture can help the organisations utilise the time spent passing information and reporting manually better. Implementing a software solution for cleaning businesses can ensure quality standards, increase operational efficiency, reduce redundant processes, optimise cost and minimise miscommunication.

Cleanplan has been developed to meet the challenges faced by the industry, the platform brings clients, staff and service providers on one front end system that helps minimise operational challenges. The features that promote quality control and transparency are:

Digitisation: Management can covert contracts into digital records with the help of simple fill in forms that are stored on the platform in designated modules, which makes accessing information about any client or job a hassle-free process.

Scheduled Inspections: The inspection module allows comprehensive real-time rating of all tasks backed by media and e-signature features. Complete audit trail of tasks and interactions along with location-based tracking boost the authenticity of the information captured.

Resource Allocation: Nominated personnel can access information such as induction details related to a client site, job specifications, contact details, etc which can be accessed from the application or the dashboard.

Reporting: Stored information can instantly be shared with clients once a job is completed in the form of a detailed report that the platform automatically generates based on the real-time data captured.

Communication: Custom channels can be created for your team and clients to allow a seamless transfer of information that may be lost due to miscommunication. Incidents and complaints can be raised by clients or the team from the platform which makes resolving issues easier.

At Cleanplan it is our goal to help the cleaning industry transition to the age of business automation and help organisations plug the gaps that exist in their workflow and help save time spent on processes that can be automated, time that can be invested in business growth.