How CleanPlan can


This is the last post on our COVID-19 series. In our first post, we discussed how COVID-19 has affected the workplace; the second post emphasized how the cleaning industry is the solution for restarting the economy. In our third post, we highlighted the challenges faced by the cleaning industry, and in this post, we’d like to expand on how CleanPlan is the solution for removing the roadblocks we discussed in our last post.

CleanPlan is an innovative & disruptive software solution built specifically for the cleaning industry. While the CleanPlan application is feature-rich for solving a multitude of problems faced by the cleaning industry, we’ll narrow our focus to the features that help the cleaning industry fight the pandemic.

Task Management

CleanPlan helps you manage, coordinate, and allocate tasks to your staff, for various sites at any time of the day. This includes rostering for emergency scenarios as well as for planning. The administrator can work on the CleanPlan app on his/her phone or computer, allowing them to send and receive notifications from all relevant stakeholders instantly. This eliminates the need for in-person task assignments.


Our CleanPlan app replaces the tedious documentation process and lets you log all the critical information without compromising on the security of the people. The logging can be done by different stakeholders that are assigned to the same work or site. The app also visualizes these logs through an interactive dashboard, so administrators can better understand the data. Thereby eliminating the need to circulate the same piece of paper or sieve through stacks of documents while searching for crucial information.

Team Communication/Information Broadcast

Whether it is relaying important information to a specific employee, or broadcasting a new set of guidelines to all the involved stakeholders, CleanPlan lets you create distinct threads for different purposes. You can create one thread for communicating with the management, while the other thread could be used to liaise with workers about a particular site and its inspections. You can go back to these threads of conversations to find out crucial information relevant to the topic.

This post sums up our series on the COVID-19 and how CleanPlan has addressed these challenges faced by the industry and can help transform your business. So that your business can survive, grown, and thrive during and after these tumultuous times.