ISSA Cleaning and Hygiene
Expo Visit


A casual visitor to the recent ISSA Cleaning and Hygiene Expo at ISSA might have wondered whether a 2 day event could do justice to the commercial cleaning profession. Anyone who attended one of the discussion panels: “How Clean is Clean?” would have realised there is a huge body of knowledge and expertise that can make a big difference to the working environment and lifetime asset values.

One of the themes emerging at the conference was how professional firms can differentiate themselves in competitive tenders. Counterintuitively, sometimes incumbents can be disadvantaged because they know the real scope of work whilst less informed offers can result in underbids.

All too often, the tender and the contract schedule sit in a drawer while the cleaners get on with the “real job” and there is often a mismatch (plus and minus) between the two. CleanPlan’s management software is designed specifically for cleaning services and integrates the job specification with the quoting process, scheduling, rostering and inspections – removing a key pain point for suppliers and their clients.